Events calender of Siusi allo Sciliar - Events for your holidays

There is always a lot going on around the Sciliar! - several events provide fun and entertainment for the whole family in summer and winter

The festival of Oswald von Wolkenstein, a riding tournament
This is a spectacular medieval tournament in honor of the great minnesinger Oswald von Wolkenstein; he used to be one of the owners of the castle ruin Hauenstein in Seis.  35 teams fight to get the trophy every year.

The “KastelrutherSpatzen” - the country music band of the Sciliar
This band is extremely famous in Europe and their singer, Norbert Rier, is from Kastelruth. Every year in June thousands of fans from all over Europe come to Kastelruth to hear this band.
The highlight is however the “Spatzenfest”; it is in October and it is an absolute must for every country music fan.

Classical music - Seis has the Summer Classics
Seis offers an exceptional series of concerts with young musicians, most of them are Italian and they start their international career here in Seis. They have programs with all the great composers. The Haydn orchestra of Bozen and Trento takes part in one of these concerts, which have become an important element of the summer in the Sciliar area.

Sciliar International Music Festival
Gifted young musicians meet in Völs during the summer months; they are under the guidance of renowned music teachers and internationally well-known musicians so you can hear a series of classical concerts by students and maestros.

We thought it would be a great idea to walk along the meadows, have breaks in the small inns and listen to writers. Every year these cultural events have a motto; in 2007 it was “Elements”.

Swing on Snow
Between January and February there is a music festival on the slopes of the Alpe di Siusi. For one week you can walk and rest with good music. Swing on Snow offers real folk music from the alpine countries.

A traditional farmer’s wedding in Kastelruth
This event shows the old traditions and traditional dresses of an alpine farmer’s wedding; on top of that there is also a traditional wedding meal. The members of this wedding, all dressed strictly in original costumes, start in St. Valentin and goes on to Kastelruth. In Kastelruth there is a real show where you can see the really beautiful dresses and accessories. A guide explains all the dresses and their origin; after that the innkeeper invites to the wedding meal.

Moonlights Classics SeiserAlm – Alpe di Siusi South Tyrol
This is actually a skiing marathon; hundreds or skiers start at 8 o’clock in the evening in Compatsch and run through the night; their only light is a small lamp on their head. After 42 kilometres of snow and ice they meet again in Compatsch.

Traditional Christmas in Kastelruth
There is a Christmas market in the centre of Kastelruth; farmers and innkeepers do their best to offer typical food and drinks, handmade toys and tools and other very particular and traditional Christmas decorations and, of course, homemade cookies.

Have a nice time!


Wellness for the senses - wellness for body and mind
Spend time for yourself and allow your body and soul to become one with the wellness and beauty treatments during the most precious weeks in the year.

Life is beautiful!

• Swimming pool
• Finnish sauna
• Infrared sauna
• Solarium
• beauty and massage


During pleasant walks along sunny alpine paths or demanding hikes in the mountains you can enjoy the breathtaking landscape of the surrounding Dolomites. One holiday won’t be enough to see all the spectacular sights of the Sciliar area.



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