Natural building for a relaxed living - Residence Hotel in Siusi

Unadulterated and healthy - like everything you will find at the Nature Residence Hotel Dolomitenhof in South Tyrol

During the renovation we tried our best to keep the spirit of our family: Love to nature, environment consciousness and love for traditions.

An old house with excellent foundations
The Dolomitenhof was built at the beginning of the last century. At this time usually only natural building materials were available and so there were used solid wood and stones for the construction of our house. Whenever there was a renovation the original Viennese Art Nouveau style was respected, only the interior of the building was adjusted and modernized.

Walls and floors – natural warmth and insulation
The ceilings are made of wood with cellulose fibres and plaster-cardboard insulation.  This guarantees an absolute noise insulation of each apartment. All building materials are natural, ecologically safe, and chemically neutral and they do not contain any harmful substances.
The outside walls are plastered with lime mortal which supports diffusion in order to obtain optimal thermal distribution during the winter and summer months. The inside of these walls are insulated with cellulose fibre tiles. The inside walls are also made of wood with cellulose fibres and plaster-cardboard insulation and this guarantees an absolute noise insulation of each apartment as mentioned above.
The wooden floors are of natural beech wood; bath room and kitchen tiles are ceramics.

Biological building materials – the feel well factor
The windows are also made of insulating glass and they guarantee excellent heat and noise insulation. The window frames and the insulted entrance doors are again made of wood and treated with chemically harmless water gloss.
The walls are painted with silicate - mineral colours with natural colour pigmentation. They support natural air distribution in rooms and a pleasant humidity.  We chose light colours in order to create a cosy and relaxed ambience.
For decorative reasons we worked with wall paper in the bedrooms and in some other rooms; they are, of course, made of recycled material and only allergy free adhesive was used.
As you can see we have done our best to avoid formaldehyde, dioxins and other harmful building materials. The most important thing in life is heath and we will make sure that our house is an island of health.

Electro smog free rooms guarantee relaxed living
We decided to use the so-called bus system; it works with the help of control cables. In other words, there is only electricity when you need it; you can switch off the TV standby from your bed. This way you will lie in a natural ambience without any electro smog.

Wood from local forests
Tradesmen from Siusi created a cosy living atmosphere by using local spruce wood which was cut in December at new moon. The wood was later polished with natural pigments and with fragrant bee’s wax and linseed oil.

Wooden furniture - cosy warmth and elegant design
Interior furniture for every single apartment was individually designed by our architect.

Floors made of solid wood
All wooden floors are made of beech; they create a warm and cosy atmosphere. The wood was not treated; it was laid in the traditional floating way and no adhesives were used.


Wellness for the senses - wellness for body and mind
Spend time for yourself and allow your body and soul to become one with the wellness and beauty treatments during the most precious weeks in the year.

Life is beautiful!

• Swimming pool
• Finnish sauna
• Infrared sauna
• Solarium
• beauty and massage


During pleasant walks along sunny alpine paths or demanding hikes in the mountains you can enjoy the breathtaking landscape of the surrounding Dolomites. One holiday won’t be enough to see all the spectacular sights of the Sciliar area.



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