The Nature Hotel Dolomitenhof places high priority on a healthy wellbeing atmosphere

Enjoy freedom and warm hospitality in your dream holidays in the Sciliar area in South Tyrol

Our apartments guarantee cosy comfort and generous space. We are very environment and tradition conscious, at the same time we want to offer all the luxuries and convenience of a **** hotel.

Natural building - in accord with nature
We also want to show our love for nature. We chose natural building materials and furniture which are in harmony with the style of our traditional building. The living ambience is free of harmful substances and electro smog. Your apartment is quiet and cosy because of natural insulating materials. The furniture and the floors are all made of natural wood. The very comfortable Hüsler Nest health beds guarantee a good sleep.

Your apartment - absolute freedom
Every unit of accommodation is autonomous with regard to heating and hot water. You decide about your ideal temperature. Relaxing music and meditative texts and rhythms can be listened to in your apartment. In the evening when it is cooler or during the winter when it is snowing you will love to relax at the cosy tiled stove.

Healthy sleep - as you make your bed, so you must lie on it
Millions of people have sleeping problems, they either can’t fall asleep, or they wake up continuously or far too early. After a good night’s sleep we all feel better and full of energy. During the holidays we must especially take care to find the ideal bed for our back. (We are talking about distribution of pressure, support and position of the spinal column.)

Hüsler Nest the health bed from Switzerland
In the Nature Residence Hotel Dolomitenhof we use the Original Hüsler Nest Bed which is ideal for your back.

Natural bed linen, down duvets and wool
All our bedding is made of natural materials; the duvet consists of pure downs; the cushion is either made of soft feathers or, if you wish, of pure new wool. You will find an additional woolen blanket in your wardrobe.
We can also supply special cushions and duvets for people with allergies.

Cushions a la carte
We have a choice of cushions; they’re all made of 100% natural materials. They’re made of wool, spelt, buckwheat, millet and enriched with fragrant, soothing alpine herbs.



Wellness for the senses - wellness for body and mind
Spend time for yourself and allow your body and soul to become one with the wellness and beauty treatments during the most precious weeks in the year.

Life is beautiful!

• Swimming pool
• Finnish sauna
• Infrared sauna
• Solarium
• beauty and massage


During pleasant walks along sunny alpine paths or demanding hikes in the mountains you can enjoy the breathtaking landscape of the surrounding Dolomites. One holiday won’t be enough to see all the spectacular sights of the Sciliar area.



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